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1 Litre Bottle of SILILO EVO

SILILO EVO is a non-ionic, organomodified trisiloxane super spreader that is readily biodegradable. This product promotes the rapid coverage of hydrophobic leaf surfaces at concentrations 0.1% or less, thus delivering crop protection and foliar fertilization more effectively. Performance in adverse conditions is improved, in particular rainfastness. SILILO EVO increases adhesion and retention, reducing required spray volume and increasing efficiency.

  • Super Spreader: Improved wetting, targeting, cuticular penetration and stomatal flooding
  • Aids Productivity: Reduces required spray volumes and increases yields
  • Environmentally friendly: Breaks down in the environment naturally

Benefits of SILILO EVO

Super Spreading: SILILO EVO greatly reduces the surface tension of a solution, allowing super spreading. Contact angle is reduced even further than other traditional wetters, with aqueous solutions containing SILILO EVO having a contact angle of zero degrees. Thus, agricultural sprays containing SILILO EVO can deliver plant protection products and foliar fertilisation more effectively with:

Complete wetting of treated vegetation.
Targeting effect allowing the spray to reach locations that are not conventionally accessible.
Cuticular Penetration giving better uptake through the waxy layer of leaves which inhibit entry into the leaf.
Stomatal flooding allowing quick absorption by the mesophyll and translocation throughout the plant.
Biodegradable Readily biodegradable (OECD 301) with a favourable ecotoxicological profile.
Works in unfavourable conditions SILILO EVO is specially designed to work in unfavourable conditions such as hot, cold, or dusty conditions or when target weeds are mature. SILILO EVO offers improved rainfastness, rain can be tolerated with no need for respray an hour after application.
Extensive field testing has proven SILILO EVO’s effects with herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and acaricides, PGRs, and micronutrients.

Use Rates 
For tank mixtures, pesticide manufacturers may suggest a rate of a non-ionic surfactant to be used with their product, follow the corresponding label recommendation. Alternatively, SILILO EVO should be applied at the rates listed below.

Arable and Vegetable crops
Pesticides with systemic action: 200 ml/ha to improve wetting, spreading, and uptake.
Pesticides with contact action: 125ml/ha to improve wetting and spreading.

Fruit and Nursery Stock
Depending on the growth stage 200- 300ml/ha. These dosages account for various water volumes to minimise the risk of run off. To conform with regulatory compliances, please observe the local label to ensure maximum concentration is not exceeded. Before application of SILILO EVO with a pesticide or fertiliser, it is recommended to test any desired mix on a small test spot.


Overview: A water-soluble concentrate formulation containing 1.020 g/L POLYETHER-POLYMETHYLSILOXAN-COPOLYMER (100% w/w). A biodegradable, non-ionic wetting agent and super spreader.

Adjuvant No:  0905

Application rates: For application rate please refer to the product label.

Rain fastness: Please see label

Pack size: 1L

Number in outer: 10 x 1L

Pallet: 90 x 10 x 1L (900L)