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Product: AZOSHY

Active: Azoxystrobin 250 g/L SC

Overview: AZOSHY is a systemic translaminar and protectant strobilurin fungicide, giving 4-6 weeks protection when applied to cereals at the stem elongation stage. Diseases controlled include: leaf blot, Sclerotinia stem rot, Alternaria leaf blight, downy mildew, a wide variety of rusts, and others.

MAPP No:  18072

Approved Crops:  Wheat, barley, oats, rye, triticale, combining and
vining peas, oilseed rape, bulb onions, leeks, carrots, asparagus (outdoor), field
beans, outdoor crops of brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, kale (winter greens),
collards (spring greens), broccoli, calabrese, potatoes (foliar spray and in furrow).

Application rates: For application rate please refer to the product label.

Rain fastness: Please see label

Pack size: 5L

Number in outer: 4 x 5L

Pallet: 40 x 4 x 5L (800L)