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New Products for Application to Potatoes

Hockley Agro UK is adding two excellent products to its offering of Crop Protection products. Mancozeb 75 WDG and Rival Duo are fungicides which are approved for application to potatoes.

A study in 2008 estimated that in the EU, the annual losses to late blight caused by Phytophthora infestans amounted to over €1,000,000,000 in costs of control and damage. P. infestans is an oomycete, a fungus-like organism that spreads rapidly through the foliage of potatoes causing decay and reduced photosynthesis activity, affecting the crop’s development, and leading to death. Mancozeb 75 WDG and Rival Duo allow for control of this blight, and provide much needed protection from the disease.

Mancozeb 75 WDG is a contact fungicide with protective mode of action used to control early and late blight on potatoes. It is formulated with 750g/kg mancozeb. The active, mancozeb, is one of the most commonly used controls for potato blights, as it has multisite activity which reduces resistance development. In 2014, over 90% of the UK crop area was treated with at least one dose of mancozeb.

Rival Duo is a suspension concentrate systemic fungicide with preventative and curative action for control of foliar late blight on potatoes. It is formulated with 400g/l propamocarb, and 50g/l cymoxanil. In 2014 also, cymoxanil was one of the most heavily used fungicides. Often with a co-formulant, such as in this formulation, it was applied over almost 700,000 spray hectares, about 30,000 more hectares than mancozeb in that same year.

With these products, Hockley Agro UK continues its mission, to provide a full generic range of registrations for British farmers, and to provide a greater choice of products to help increase productivity on British farms.

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