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The BRANDT solutions are new generation ‘hi-tech’ liquid micronutrients developed by BRANDT USA and manufactured in Europe. BRANDT are one of the leading micronutrient suppliers in the USA, using cutting-edge methods and science to increase yield and maximise revenue for farmers. Now, for the first time, these innovative crop protection solutions are available to UK farmers exclusively from Hockley Agro UK. Read the press release here.

With BRANDT you get product technologies that improve plant health and increase the bottom line for farmers worldwide. BRANDT work with leading universities on over 135 hectares of research and development farms to give their products the edge. This has led to the creation of formulations that enable the nutrients to penetrate the leaves and become fully mobile within the plant.

Key micronutrients reach essential growth points, aiding flower and seed formation, improving yields, enriching colour and lengthening storage life.

BRANDT Manni-Plex

High Performance Foliar Micronutrients 

The proprietary technology used in Manni-Plex is designed to enhance the absorption of nutrients through the leaf and enhance nutrient mobility and translocation through the plant phloem to plant growing points.

Key advantages of Manni-Plex Nutrients:

  • Supplies readily available nutrients to the plant that are immediately available for uptake
  • More efficient than other nutrient forms
  • Low molecular weight and shape allows more nutrients to penetrate plant leaves and translocate to growing points
  • Nutrients move freely and easily through the plant’s phloem
  • Proprietary formulation coats leaves and adheres to the leaf surface, making it available to the plant for longer
  • Ready-to-use liquid formulation can be tank mixed with most fungicides, insecticides and PGRs

How Are BRANDT Manni-Plex Foliar Nutrients Different from Other Liquid Nutrients?

Not all liquid products are suitable for foliar application and being a liquid product does not necessarily ensure entry into the plant. Manni-Plex products were designed specifically for foliar uptake. They target the leaf as the nutrient entry point and target the phloem as the nutrient transport pathway.

The small molecular size and shape of Manni-Plex ensures that plant uptake and translocation is maximised. In contrast, many other liquid fertilisers have a large molecular size and weight which makes foliar nutrient delivery very difficult. These type of liquid fertilisers are better suited for soil nutrient uptake through the plant xylem.

BRANDT Smart System 

Advanced Compatibility Foliar Nutrition 

As today’s tank mixes become more challenging, the need for “smarter” and more compatible foliar nutrition is increasing. BRANDT Smart System foliar micronutrients were designed for superior performance in a wide range of complex crop protection tank mixes, including glyphosate and *select dicamba and 2,4D herbicides.

Key benefits

  • Proprietary molecules are formulated for rapid nutrient uptake and delivery to plant growing points
  • Ready to use formulations tank mix with herbicides, fungicides and insecticides 
  • Formulated to deliver micronutrient combinations that are in high demand in row crops and will improve crop health, stress and yield 
  • Nutrients are protected so that they will not bind with the herbicides or other nutrients
  • Nutrients assist herbicide metabolism and help mitigate crop stress

We would be happy to demonstrate the BRANDT range to agronomists or to offer samples.  Please contact to find out more.