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New Product for Hockley Agro: Hi-Cyrus

Hockley Agro UK is pleased to announce the latest valuable addition to its crop protection range, Hi-Cyrus. This pyrethroid-based insecticide is designed to have broad-spectrum applicability, to take down a wide variety of insect pests. The product is formulated as an emulsifiable concentrate ready to be diluted in a tank and applied.

The prevention of damage by insect pests is a key area of yield optimisation in agriculture; annual crop losses due to insect pests average 10% across Europe, with a worldwide average loss of 18-20% and US$ 470 billion.

The active ingredient in this product is alphacypermethrin (100g/l), a pyrethroid chemical which targets the nervous system of insects for strong knockdown effects.

For professional use only, this broad-spectrum insecticide is applicable to a wide range of crops, approved for: barley, broad bean (fresh), broccoli/calabrese, brussels sprout, cabbage, combining pea, field bean, kale, oilseed rape, vining pea, and wheat. Latest times of application and doses vary depending on the crop.

This addition to Hockley Agro UK’s already choice product line up further rounds out the range for full coverage of all the main pesticide needs for UK agriculture.

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