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BRANDT®: A high-yield foliar nutrition program for potatoes

Potato crop

Potatoes, like most crops, need the right nutrients at critical growth stages to ensure good crop health and seed formation. BRANDT's proprietary SMART SYSTEM® and  MANNI-PLEX® technologies both greatly improve the absorption and movement of nutrients to the plant growth points.

To learn how the BRANDT High Yield Potato Foliar Nutrition Program can supply nutrition more efficiently to potato crops at key timings, download the essential guide here.

The guide shows how the different BRANDT solutions can be used, the timing of their applications and the benefits they will bring to the crop. The micronutrients can be combined with pesticide application and can continue to be applied at various stages of crop development. The foliar nutrients improve the health of the crop, having an impact on everything from the potato's root system and tuber size to the strength and thickness of its skin. 

To find out more, see the full range here. We would be happy to discuss this further with agronomists or to offer samples. Please contact to find out more.